Daily Armor ll-The Virago in Contemporary Art and Adornmentl group exhibition press release/ Virago Gallery/ Seattle U.S.A

Our Daily Armor lll group exhibit, Virago’s signature parfum and press love!
Our Daily Armor – The Virago in Contemporary Art and Adornment
November 16th – December 31st, 2017
Opening Reception – Saturday November 18th, 2017, 6-9pm
This November Virago Gallery presents “Our Daily Armor – The Virago in Contemporary Art and Adornment”, the third winter group exhibition to explore the idea of women and the armor they don to face the world.
Virago, in Latin, was the name for a brave female warrior. But the word lost its heroic aspect through the centuries, and was reduced to its current definition: a loud, violent, and ill-tempered woman; a shrew. Virago Gallery proudly reclaims the original meaning of woman warrior, but does not reject the new meaning—what good is a silent warrior?  –and invites artists from around the world to gird for battle.
As a celebration of the gallery’s first full year under the name Virago Gallery, this show invites womxn painters, illustrators, jewelers, fashion designers, sculptors and more to respond to the idea of armor and weaponry as adorned carapace, as stark necessity, and source of strength.


Andrea Iaroc (Seattle), CJ Mazzalupo (NY), Simone Webb (London), Sara Purr (Seattle), Sullivan Giles (SEA/NY), Aramis Hamer (Seattle), Nicole Monjeau (London), Uyen Tran-Gjerde (Seattle), Alisa Sikelianos-Carter (PA), Flavia Zuniga-West_Ruiz (California), Jordan Christianson (Seattle, Kim Merritt (Seattle), Studio Glow (Seattle), Sarah Trahan, Jennifer McNeely (Seattle), Inés Ixierda (San Francisco), Christina Tzani (Greece), Heather Marie Scholl (NY), Emma San Cartier (Seattle), Winterlaced (San Francisco), Kate Ryan (Seattle ), Rebecca Rose (Florida), Lauren Wong (Seattle), Joey Veltkamp (Bremerton), Acid Queen Jewelry (LA), Noel Heimpel (Seattle), Dawn Okoro (Houston), Crystal Fosnaugh (Seattle), Marilyn Montufar (Seattle), Sophia Ruppert (Nebraska), Alicalisa Brown (Jamaica), Julia Fiorvanti (Seattle), Melinda Lee Holm (LA), Kate Petty (Seattle), Phelicia Magnusson (Seattle), Rhodora Jacob (Seattle), Rora Blue (LA), Laura Walton Allen (Seattle), Mary Enslow (Seattle), Spooky Boobs Collective, Julie Sarlouttee (France), Kamari Bright (Seattle), Izzie Klingels (Seattle), Rochelle Kulei, Chloe Allred (California), Margot Bird (NY), Kook Teflon (Seattle), Su Laing (Seattle), Kelly Lyles (Seattle), Stone Crow Designs (Seattle), Kristina Cyr (Montana), 179 (Seattle), Afrose Ahmed, Lovewell Couture (Seattle), Hoodo Goddess (LA), Jody Joldermsa (Seattle), Mariel Andrade (Seattle), Ellie Dicola (Seattle), Rebecca Reeves (PA), Stasia Burrington (Seattle). Flannery Grace, Shannon Koszyk (Seattle), Brianna McCarty (Trinidad and Tobago), Smoke & Daggers (Austin)