Exhibition INSIDE artzine – 25 years of artscum- BOOK PRESENTATION, Vanilla Gallery, Japan

We are very proud to announce our second artscum show in Tokyo. This time we flood neon city with 25 years of darkness: INSIDE artzine #20 – art book presentation & exhibition – best of 1993 – 2018

Exhibition 17th – 29th July – Vanilla Gallery/Tokyo/Japan
Vernissage 17th July 18.00 – 20.00h
Participating artists:
Andrew Zbihlyj (UK)/ Chris Mars (US) / Christina Tzani (GR) / Dan Verkys (AUS) / Elena Helfrecht (GER) / Evan Campbell (US)/ Federico Bebber (ITA)/ Jenz Dieckmann (GER)/ John Santerineross (US)/ Juha Helminen (FIN)/ Kamerian (JAP)/ KD Matheson (US)/ Leon Weng Yuan (TWN) / Michael Hutter (GER)/ Richard A. Kirk (CAN)/ Richard Stone (UK)/ Seth Siro Anton (GR)/ shichigoro-shingo (JAP)/ Trevor Brown (JAP)
Official website: Vanilla Gallery:

Art book: 230x330mm, 88pages, Hardcover, english
Official release 10th August, purchase at exhibition or pre-order here:…/inside-artzine-20-25-years-scum-hard…/

INSIDE artzine: