Press release for solo exhibition “Forgotten Whispers“ at KH5 Gallery, Zurich

                                   Solo-Show “Forgotten Whispers“ of Greek artist Christina Tzani

The exhibition of the emerging Greek artist Christina Tzani, «Forgotten Whispers» joins one hand in our concept of Dark Art, talking about a very painful subject, child abuse and the inner chaos that bear from the childhood age  in his soul.

            Her ink drawings are childlike and dreamy, but also bleak and disturbing. They outline the vulnerability of the human soul, in their isolation, loneliness and uncertainty. Those repulsive feelings are stripping the evolution of the form which surrounds presence, transmuting human characteristics and presenting a demonic configuration. Through this process all personality attributes are vanishing, but at the same time a hope of escaping is rising, as a mandatory redemption through the transformative vision of “inner self”. Children lose their first ever form but they maintain to keep a continuity of their original form. Apart from their appearance, their functions are changing as well. The forms consent to be added non-human characteristics as a potential empowerment of consciousness perception.

            The works of Christina Tzani are disturbing in their detail as well as transmit the raw and universal truth about childlike existence. They act like a whisper from our long forgotten inner self.

Opening:  8 September 2016

Start : 19.00 PM

End :  22.00 PM

September 8 – October 7, 2016

Gallery opening hours:

Wed-Frid, 17-19 PM

KH5 Gallery

Zwinglistrasse 5

8004 Zürich

Kh5 gallery: